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Think of Us First When the Air Stops Flowing

Get top-quality air conditioning and heating repair in Florence, AL

We often take our HVAC systems for granted until they stop working altogether. Stale, stagnant air is a breeding ground for mold, fungus and dangerous pathogens. Maintain healthy air quality with air conditioning and heating repair from Thompson Service Company, LLC.

Our residential and commercial residents rely on us for prompt and professional services in the Florence, AL area. We provide:

Heating repair
Air conditioning repair
Thermostat repair
Heat pump repair

We work with gas and electric furnaces. Call 256-762-1006 today to get a free estimate on your air conditioning and heating repair services.

What are the common signs you need HVAC repair?

You don't always have to wait until the air stops flowing altogether to call a professional. There are several telltale signs of an issue with your HVAC system. Contact us immediately if you notice:

Odd sounds and smells - whistling, rattling, buzzing or musty smells are all clear indications of a broken HVAC system.
Poor airflow - if you can't feel air blowing out of your vents, or notice hot and cold spots throughout your home, it's time to schedule repairs.
Allergy flare-ups - pathogens and contaminants can build up in your air without a properly working HVAC system.

Gas furnaces can be especially dangerous if carbon monoxide is leaking. Reach out to us today to receive same-day furnace and air conditioning repair services in Florence, AL.